Contract research Organization Expert Pharma Group: responsible and professional player in the Russian drug registration market, drug promotion

Expert Pharma Group (EPG) first declared itself on the Russian pharmaceutical market in 2008. At that time, a small company was established, the purpose of which was the desire to provide clients — foreign pharmaceutical companies, civilized specialized services in Russia.

We have been providing services to them in the field of registration of drugs imported for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation or produced in the country under a developer’s license.

In 2010, a new Federal Law No. 61-FL “On Circulation of Medicines” was approved and entered into force in the State Duma. In accordance with it, the EPG has been transformed into a contract research organization.

We have significantly expanded the list of services for clients. We began to provide services for conducting clinical trials of drugs and substances, to provide professional consulting support.

In 2015, in connection with the reorganization and merger of several firms, the EP Group was formed.

The presence of several units responsible for high-quality service in various fields of industry, allowed us to go to the next round of development and once again increase the list of services provided to foreign pharmaceutical companies. Today we:

  • conduct marketing research of the pharmaceutical market in Russia
  • are engaged in the implementation of systematic work on information and consulting customer support
  • continue to provide the service of registration and re-registration of medicines, substances, dietary supplements
  • assist in obtaining a Russian GMP certificate
  • provide assistance in conducting clinical trials (CT)
  • contribute to the promotion, popularization, commercialization of drugs throughout the territory of Russia
  • ensure customers sales growth up to 400%!

There are already more than 400 completed projects on our account, and we are confidently continuing to gain momentum. Every year we receive over 5 registration certificates, we conduct about 10 clinical studies, we prepare more than 4 GMP certificates.


The head office and several additional EPG offices operate in Russia


Entering the CIS market, opening representative offices in the countries of the former USSR

We have a warehouse. It is fully equipped with all requirements and the conditions for storage

Among our clients are many leading pharmaceutical companies in the world

We are grateful to customers for the appreciation of our work and recommendations to the environment.

We have been working with some of them since the founding of the EPG. More than 10 years they trust us

We value our reputation; we definitely find the best solution for each project.

Mission, goals and objectives, principles of the EPG

In a narrow sense, the mission of EPG is to help customers in a particular area — the rapid implementation of any complexity and volume of pharmaceutical projects. In a global sense, our mission is to oust unscrupulous, unqualified performers from the market, put interaction with pharmaceutical companies on fully civilized rails.

Our goal is to attract large and medium-sized foreign manufacturers of certified and patented pharmaceutical products with the quality of EPG services and affordable prices with a high level of specialist work.

Among the company’s objectives are comprehensive informing global drug manufacturers about our successful professional activities, expanding ties and establishing long-term business relationships

We perform work clearly and in a short time. We position ourselves not as a global representative of the pharmaceutical market, but as a responsible personal assistant who is able to find an approach to each client.

We confidently declare: today it is almost impossible to find a more knowledgeable and qualified performer with such an ideal ratio of all the parameters of services.

The basic principles of our team are Honesty, Productivity, Flexibility, Openness. Excluded from the practice of EPG: deception, unverified information, delaying deadlines, irresponsibility.

Staff Expert Pharma Group

Expert Pharma Group consists of a team of experienced and technically competent specialists. The team consists of several dozen employees — highly qualified professionals who:


obtained higher education




Have long experience in international organizations such as WHO

The staff constantly improves the level of training on courses and trainings. We participate in Russian and international seminars, symposia, congresses and other events held in the pharmaceutical field.


We interact with leading research institutes and other relevant organizations


We take into account the requirements of the modern pharmaceutical market


We cooperate with colleagues in the Russian Federation, EU countries and the CIS

We are closely monitoring the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia and the world. We are constantly learning:

  • modern trends in medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • technologies, methods of using drugs
  • innovative drugs and their possible combinations
  • all legislative changes — laws, regulations, acts

We pay special attention to safety, the effectiveness of the effects of drugs that are introduced to the Russian market or have already been introduced into circulation, but vary in the form of release. All this helps us:

achieve set goals

Fulfill the mission of the company and its obligations

to find extremely competent, operational and optimal solutions to the problems of our clients

Features of pricing and cooperation with foreign pharmaceutical companies

The Expert Pharma Group is currently expanding its presence in the Russian and global market for pharmaceutical products

We invite to a mutually beneficial cooperation manufacturers of high-quality and patented medicines. We realize projects of any complexity.

We provide a wide range of specialized services at prices that are adequate for the market — from the choice of drugs to the promotion of a product with a constant increase in sales.

  1. The cost of EPG services for the project is clear and transparent, based on current prices
  2. We do not practice markups, hidden payments, there is no requirement to make a full advance payment
  3. For the convenience and to gain our customers confidence, we have developed a phased payment system: funds are deposited sequentially after the completion of the next part of the project
  4. With constant cooperation and large volumes of one-time work, special contractual terms are provided
  5. Never break deadlines. Often we go ahead of schedule. Weekly we form reports on the progress and results of the work done

By signing the contract, we give guarantees about the fulfillment of obligations. If, for reasons beyond the control of our specialists, a refusal to register a drug has been received, we will refund the funds.

Full confidentiality of cooperation is guaranteed, which is reflected in the contract.

We accept calls by phone and in real time. For each project, a personal curator is appointed. He discusses client requirements, deadlines and costs. After receiving the technical specifications, the EPG team of experts involved in the project immediately starts searching for solutions and their implementation.

We are looking forward to your questions. Get in touch by phone, e-mail and online messenger. We will be glad to see you among our satisfied customers.

Aim at long-term collaboration. We are sure that we will become your responsible and professional partner.

Expert Pharma Group — Honesty, Productivity, Flexibility, Openness!